Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009


after months of absence, all self-imposed, i have decided to start writing again.

i've been in so many ups and downs. mostly downs, but i've managed to stay up.

one thing that has helped me maintain my faith is, let's just call him mr king.

mr king and i began exchanging messages via email, then via ym, then via sms, until we met up. and we did not meet up for sex, or for friendship, but for vitamins. lol! yes, vitamins. sad, isn't it?

from the moment i saw him, i had a huge crush already. the feelings i had were unrequited, however, and i accepted this fact without ill will. though it did make me feel a little bit unwanted though. lol!

recently, on one of my rare reorders, we chanced to talk more and at length, as it happened that both of us were in no hurry to leave the meeting place. and i learned many things about him, and we shared so many views and preferences, which led me to like him even more. except that i had to stop myself from doing so.

then, it so happened that we spoke about fantasies we had sexually. and it turns out that we have similar tastes in terms of fantasy and fetish preferences. i liked this, he liked it too. i like this done to me, he liked to do that too. i was the car, and he was the driver. i was excited, he got excited. and then i remembered something that stopped me in my tracks.

i would forever remain a friend to him, yet i know that so few men like him exist.

it was all i could do not to sigh out loud. but i did tell him that there should be a clone of him made just for me, without the gene that would make him think of me only as a friend. lol! he laughed, and again brushed it aside. ouch!

the hours whizzed by, and soon we had to part. i left him, and i left the lighted area and walked into the wet and dark streets that sadly comforted and gently welcomed me.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


masseur-crush finally did it.

let me begin at the very start.

it was sunday. i had planned a massage at one of my haunts days ago. and i wanted that massage because the last one i had was not as i had expected. and it would be masseur-crush who would handle me this time.

so there i was on my stomach, naked as the day i was born except for a flimsy piece of towel covering my ass. masseur-crush came in, smiled, and began the massage.

we've always had very wholesome - though playful - treatments, so i felt myself relax and gave up my body to his expert hands.

"whew. it's hot here." masseur-crush commented. he took off his shirt, and he looked better than i saw him last. he smiled again when he saw me glance at him. then it was blissful wholesome massage as usual.

suddenly, towards the end, it became playful. just like old times. hands everywhere, touching, groping, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, fondling. and without warning, his hands were between my legs. in my hazy state of arousal, i was a bit surprised.

without a word, he continued to touch me, and then his hands slowly but deliberately ran up and down my hard-on. it excited me more, and even more so when he positioned himself on top of me. the excitement was just too much, and i came without warning and without delay - which would have been normally difficult since i'd already jerked off several times that day.

he smiled and handed me the towel. and in my startled daze, i scrambled to give him a huge tip, even though we've never talked about rates before.

and now i wonder. will my future massages be like that?

i'm sure many will find it the most perfect situation. hot masseur, free extra, and good massage.

but i'd always categorized him under wholesome. then he is no more. and then i am confused - though sated.

i came, we saw, he conquered.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the color purple

apparently, purple is the in color for the country - when it should've been in two years ago.


what's new?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

call me

because i got a new phone.

the sony ericsson t700. i've been salivating over this phone for ages, though i was very happy with my nokia 6300.

though there are more high-end models out there, i really don't believe in paying for something so expensive that depreciates quickly due to its technology. and i always prefer bar-type phones over clamshells and sliding phones.

that was what made me buy nokia 6300.

a few months later, i saw the sony ericsson t700.

a year later, i got it because of a three-thousand peso discount.

each brand has its own pros and cons, but i have no regrets at all.

i love my new phone.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

noel, noel, noel

let's call him noel. i don't know what his real name is. it was a case of mistaken identity, and i tried noel for the first time per bubz's suggestion. and honestly, i was curious too. i mean, i want to try who is good and bad at wholesome massage.

noel is good at soft massage. quite good. and i normally don't go for soft massages. and then his fingers suddenly got brave and explored places and things that wholesome massages don't.

i opened my eyes in shock and pleasure.

his fingers just felt so good. and soon, his pants were undone, his cock was out, and he was jacking me off.

i came, i saw, i conquered.

Monday, July 27, 2009


i opened an account with manjam last week, i think. and then i have the most stupid questions asked of me. i guess it's only telling of the kind of people who populate the site. including me. LOL!

i do love a lot of the members there, mainly because they have very funny and witty profiles. i'm just going to note down the non-lovable ones.

anyway, i got this account because g4m has long since died and joined planetromeo in the nether regions of cyberspace. and planetromeo sucks. i don't know why, but it does.

there's also pinoy g4m for those who miss the original g4m. it's admirable in the sense that they wish to keep the functionality of g4m.

i guess that it just proves that, regardless of the sites, questions and demands of moronic proportions persist. and here are some of them:

top or bottom?
answer i'd like to write: it's in my profile, you lazy illiterate fucktard.
answer i gave: it's in my profile.

answer i'd like to write: if i had more, they'd be there, wouldn't they?
answer i gave: none, sorry.

answer i'd like to write: then why the hell are you in manjam?
answer i gave: none, sorry.

answer i'd like to write: card, online, or word?
answer i gave: for what?

answer i'd like to write: 7, surf's, bottoms
answer i gave: hello too.

answer i'd like to write: whose?
answer i gave: what?

answer i'd like to write: shhh.
answer i gave: what?

i guess i really am too sarcastic, but at least i've kept it in check now.

thank you, Lord.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jill and Kevin


i love that they took a chance and made their wedding fun and memorable. i heard that they didn't ask the entourage to rehearse, but rather, asked them to dance to however they wished.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


vegging out today.

i was planning to go out but then laziness took over and here i am, mindlessly flipping through channels.

let's see what's on.

attack of the show. i love this show, when i can catch it. brings out the geek in me. i see avatar made its debut, though no details have emerged yet.
graphic novels. comic-con. good lord. i am drooling!
sandman. my god i love that series.

hm. shark. i love the tall black guy. hot.

ftv. french coutoure. interesting.

cnn. news. where is anderson cooper?

velvet is showing hair shoppe. queen latifah. and years later, she'd be on hairspray. coincidence?

the nanny is on. campy. nasal. zingers.

frasier. god. i love the series.

food network.

hbo. some boring movie.

cinemax. another boring movie.

star movies. ice age trailer. even more boring.

what do you know? it's six pm already.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

short story - elsa

i'm starting a series of short stories that will help me in writing better tales. this one came up to me from nowhere and i just had to write it down.

The girl awoke from her dream. It was a strange dream, filled with people and languages she didn't understand.

Her name was Elsa. She lived in a luxurious penthouse somewhere in Park Avenue, left to her by a senile uncle who had leapt to his death from a balcony.

She was an orphan. She didn’t have to ask, she already knew. It was obvious that she did not inherit her fiery red hair and pale milky skin from her known relatives. And her eyes – well, they were just the most peculiar shade of green. Which was why she often wore dark glasses whenever she went out. If ever she did.

Elsa took a deep breath and closed her eyes in the darkness. The dreams she thought had left her years ago had come back to haunt her once more. She remembered the first time she dreamt of them. She had been a frightened ten year-old child, clutching her worn yellow blanket provided by Uncle Emory. Aunt Emily had just passed away, and Elsa’s bizarre dreams had been explained by Uncle Emory as a traumatic experience of losing a loved one.

Elsa had never believed it. Aunt Emily had never cared for her. In fact, Aunt Emily had often complained about her. She had secretly believed that her aunt had taken a dislike to her mainly because of her unusual appearance. It seemed to cause many women to loathe the sight of her.

She got up from her bed and went to get a glass of water. She stood outside on the balcony, the same balcony that Uncle Emory had jumped from almost a year ago. The cold air revived her. She looked down. The city was bathed in artificial light, garish and soft, glittering and still. It calmed Elsa’s soul.

She turned back and headed towards her bed, her bare feet soft against the hardwood floors. She paused as she passed by the hallway mirror, looking at her reflection.

I need to go out, she mused. It’s time.

She glanced at the clock. Three o’clock. Elsa headed to the bathroom, where she took great care to clean herself before she doused her translucent skin with rich lotions that smelled of exotic flowers and secret promises.

She grabbed the nearest skirt and top from her meager belongings and quickly put on her most lavish purchase: a pair of scarlet high-heeled shoes that made her taller than she seemed. She brushed her hair once more. And then she was ready.

She came back to the apartment an hour later, but not alone. Elsa guided her companion inside her penthouse, where she quickly took off her silky lilac dress and stood before him naked. She could see lust in his eyes as she posed provocatively in front of him.

She ran her hands through her body, and she saw that he reveled in the sight of her young nudity. She took his rough, calloused hands and ran them through her body. She shivered at the coarseness and it excited her. She felt herself growing moist, and soon enough his hands found her womanhood on their own.

She gasped as he slid one finger inside, and then two, and then three. She heard him curse under his breath as he marveled at her wet snugness. Elsa hurriedly unbuttoned his pants and then it was before her.

She turned around and pushed against him, without any warning. Elsa realized it caught him by surprise as she impaled herself against him. Their coupling was violent, and she was his master.

She pushed him to the floor and sat on top of him, rocking fiercely. She could feel him protest slightly as she viciously rammed against his manhood. And it didn’t take long. She felt the waves coming. Her nipples got harder as she felt the first ripples.

Her naked thighs grazed against his dirty jeans, halfway undone, and the sensation drove her to greater heights of passion. Elsa crouched above him like a pale naked spider trapping her still-clothed prey, feeling him inside her, unaware that the sight also gave him a great and uneasy pleasure. She felt him squeeze her erect pink nipples, and it was that that drove her over the brink.

Suddenly, it was flowing, and it didn’t stop for some time. She gasped and contracted, shuddering. Elsa heard him yell out to stop, but she was too caught up in her frenzy to think clearly. It came over her, overwhelming her senses, shattering her sanity. She never heard his pleas, nor did she notice that he had stopped.

She ran her hands down his face sadly, the whiteness of her skin contrasting with the darkness of his. She would have not given him a second look if not for the dream that she had had. But it, finally, had made sense tonight.

She had to take a life to start hers.

She began to understand everything and everyone around her. Elsa opened her mouth slightly. Her red, chapped lips parted halfway, but nothing came out of it. She felt a flash of panic as she realized that her actions might have been a mistake after all.

It can’t be, Elsa despaired.

She tried one more time to move her tongue, and finally a sliver of sound escaped from her throat. She fell over the body of the dead man in relief, her warm tears soaking his grimy shirt as she collapsed in exhaustion. She took a deep breath and slept soundly, still on top of the body. At last, she dreamt of black stars in a red sky.

The next days to come, the media would dedicate their headlines to the strange and miraculous recovery of 13 year-old Elsa P. Straussberg , who had been mute all her life despite several consultations with top medical experts. They would rehash the strange deaths that haunted her famous and infamous family the past few years, thus making her the sole surviving heir to the almost incalculable Straussberg fortune.

And at the back section of some newspapers, there would also be a small column reporting the body of an unidentified man found dead, a few blocks away from Park Avenue, from apparent heart condition.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the second time around

my newest fave from lady gaga.

i wish i could upload the song on this blog. i just don't know how, and i don't see any option to upload it on this particular blog.

one of the most surprising songs from lady gaga, and it's on constant replay.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


ever since his appearance as sylar on 'heroes', i've always had a thing for zac quinto.

tall, lanky, and beautiful, he plays one of the baddest villains in the series.

guess i'm a sucker for bad boys.

season three has him paired with my girl-crush kristen bell of 'veronica mars' and 'gossip girl' fame, who also happens to be a good friend of zac's in real life. the most intriguing pairing of 'heroes', if you ask me. too bad she dies in the script. as we know it.

the other pairings were just blah, except for hiro and ando. who do you think is the top, and who is the bottom of these two?

trey aka mrs zac quinto

Monday, July 13, 2009

fields of gold

i've got grandpa syndrome.

while reading a back issue of details, i chanced upon the article, and it sort of amused and horrified me.

several indicators i think, matched me up to the syndrome, which i totally find hilarious.

- i find most bars too noisy.
- i sometimes talk excitedly about what a good deal i got on a purchase.
- i carry tissue (only if i carry a bag).
- i look over my shoulder at the atm.
- i'm terrified of, not turned on by, tila tequila.

not that i'm afraid of growing old. i welcome it.

but the article was just too funny for words!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

trey's godiva gelatin

it's one of my guiltiest pleasures, and one of the easiest to make.

i'm a sucker for desserts, and this is one of my most favorite to make and devour!

  • gelatin powder or sheet
  • instant coffee powder, either caffeinated or decaf is fine, but you can also use freshly brewed coffee in place of water to make the gelatin
  • milk, or powdered milk in whatever variant you prefer - full, skimmed, low-fat, soy
  • sugar or honey, to taste
  • tapioca balls (optional)
  • vanilla extract (optional)
1. prepare the gelatin as it should be. directions depend on what kind of gelatin you're going to use. sheet or powder, just follow the directions in the package.

2. as soon as the gelatin melts seamlessly into the water, add the instant coffee powder. you can add the instant coffee powder before or during heating of the gelatin. if you're using freshly brewed coffee, use it in place of water. bring liquid mixture to a boil while stirring constantly, preferably with a whisk.

3. pour coffee gelatin into your mold. i suggest a flat mold. i also use ice cube trays in shapes of stars and hearts that i got from projekt, a store in parkmall. it makes for interesting display.

4. after the gelatin has cooled and firmed, you may slice it into strips with a blunt knife if you're using the flat mold or remove the gelatin shapes from the ice cube trays. you can also use cookie cutters to make shapes too.

5. prepare the milk. if you're using milk, add sugar or honey according to taste. if you're using powdered milk, add sugar to taste before mixing with water. if you're using powdered milk, add the honey after. you may also add vanilla extract at this point.

6. pour the coffee gelatin strips into the sweetened milk, and you may add tapioca balls at this point.

7. chill the mixture.

8. spoon the cold concoction into serving plates or glasses.

9. eat, sip, and enjoy.

coffee has anti-oxidants.
honey is good for the body.
milk promotes health.

and you can use freshly brewed tea instead of coffee for a different twist, which i do from time to time.